Customer Information

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  1. Customer Number :  By default, Probill generates a number for your customers. Starting at 1,000 and auto-incrementing to 1,001; 1,002; 1,003; etc. This allows you to easily identify and sort your customer base. (Additional Info = click me = auto-link to manual “Customer Number”)
  2. Premise Name :  Here you can enter your customer’s company name
  3. Premise Address : Important for storing and keeping up-to-date with your customer’s worksite address.
  4. Show Bill Info / Show Site Info : This button toggles between the customer’s billing information and premise information. 
  5. Billing Cycle : Click this drop down menu to choose automatic recurring bills for your customers. (Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual or Non-Recurring)
  6. Next Billing Date : Probill automatically determines the next billing date based on the recurring billing cycle selected.
  7. Tax Rate : If you charge taxes on recurring services, you may enter a tax rate in this section. Enter the number as a percentage, i.e. “7.0” (and NOT “0.07”)
  8. Bill & Pay Options : How your particular customer will be setup for payments can be found by clicking here.

  • Add notes and additional information about the customer
  • This screen displays the customer’s entire transaction history

  • Enter a reminder note regarding future events for a customer. A reminder past your selected date will appear in red text.
  • Invoicing allows you to create one-time invoices or proposals for customer accounts.
  • Instantly print mailing labels, customized letters, or form documents for existing customers  by selecting Documents.
  • Categorize how to view your reports and recurring bills by choosing the Sort Order menu.
  • Search for customers and customer information by using the Find button.
  • Add your new accounts into Probill’s database.
  • Permanently remove a customer from Probill’s database.
  • Navigate through first, previous, next, and last customers in your database by using the navigation buttons.
  • Finished returns you to the Main Menu screen