Electronic Payment Processing

Electronic processing can have a huge impact on your business. In the fast paced technological world we live in, many companies are switching from the traditional “pay your bill by check” operation to electronic processing, the now ever prevalent method of drafting bank accounts and charging credit cards. This functionality not only speeds up payment collection, it also reduces collections each month. Electronic payment processing reduces late payments from customers and gives your customers more options to pay their recurring bill, as well as, any extra work throughout the month, such as new products or installations. In addition, processing transactions through Probill eliminates the need for extra payment collection methods, such as physical credit card swipe machines or pay by phone systems, reducing the time it may take you to enter these transactions into Probill anyway unifying the process into one simplified application.  

Don’t Be Left Behind

Many clients are demanding electronic processing as a form of payment, as people are increasingly less likely to be willing to write a check every month. By offering electronic processing you are giving your customers more ways to pay, therefore increasing their willingness to pay. Basically it’s a win-win situation, it’s easier for your customers to get you the money they owe – they don’t need to remember to cut you a check every month, and it’s easier for you to collect those payments, enter them into Probill, and deposit them at the bank.

Probill offers a great, easy way to accept credit cards and electronic bank drafts. You can collect one-time payments from your customers or more powerfully automatically take their recurring payments. Probill will even email them a receipt whenever you put through a charge.

Furthermore, if you set up with our preferred merchant processor, PaySimple, our customers find they pay very competitive processing rates and are able to intertwine their ACH, or bank withdrawals, into one integrated account. In addition, we are excited to be able to introduce many new features such as website integration and mobile payment processing features in coming versions of Probill Plus.

Easy to Setup

It is very easy to setup electronic processing in the software. Simply set up an account with PaySimple, they handle both credit card and bank draft, they will send your set up information to us, we enter that into Probill, walk you through processing, and run a quick test charge. After that you are free to put through one time electronic payments as needed, as well as process your recurring transactions on a monthly basis.

If you use PaySimple’s services you’ll be able to audit your bank statements against the transactions you’ve put through Probill and also view any returned checks you may have gotten throughout the month.

How do I get started?

We are confident that PaySimple’s gateway will be more affordable for you and give us many opportunities to expand the features we offer!

To sign up with PaySimple or for more information click here!