Features of our Gym Membership Billing Software

Probill is a complete accounts receivable program whether your customers want a printed bill, emailed bill, or no bill at all Probill makes it easy to please your gym members. Need to charge your customers electronically? Probill will handle both one time and recurring transactions with ease.

  • Set it and Forget it
  • Print, Email or Upload Bills
  • Once a Month Process Billing
  • Charge Credit Cards/ACH
  • Review Billing
  • View and Track Receivables

Automate Membership Bills

A typicall Gym has hundreds of customers who attend the Gym each month. Managing these customers manually can be a nightmare. Probill software allows you to automate this process by automatically charging your customers each month and sending bills as soon as they are due. All you have to do is select the period your customers owe money for and then click the send button.

Gym Company Billing Software
Gym Company Billing Software

Gym Membership Invoices

Does your gym manually send out invoices to each of it’s customers each month? Probill software will allow you to create personal invoices in bulk and send them out via email at no additional cost. Probill also provides a service to manually print, fold & distribute your invoices via the Mail if this a requirement.

Manage Your Members

Managing your members can also give you a headache if it’s done manually. However, Probill have thought of everything. You can easily manage your customers & see who is late on payments. You can aslo export all of your data into Excel and print sales tax reports so that you have a clear overview on whats going on with your business. Sign up to our FREE TRIAL today.

Gym Company Billing Software

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