Recurring Billing


recurring billing screenshot

To automatically print recurring bills for your accounts that have billing due, select “Monthly” from the main screen in Probill. The first box is set to the current date by default. The date in this box determines the month that you are billing for. The most important thing to look at is the month listed in the red text, you ALWAYS want to make sure the month listed here is the month you would like to run your billing for.

The second date box gives you the ability to change the date which your invoices are due. After determining your billing and due dates, next you will want to select how to process your bills.
If you want to print your bills yourself, we suggest choosing “Review Before Printing”. After making your selection, choose “Run Billing”. At this point you can view your bills on screen to make sure that everything looks right. From here you can print, upload, e-mail, and select individual customers.

Hate folding and stuffing envelopes? We highly recommend sending your bills to us for printing and mailing; choose “Use Mail Processing Service” to do so.
More information about our Mail Processing Service can be found here!