Features of our Storage Company Billing Software

Probill is a complete accounts receivable program whether your customers want a printed bill, emailed bill, or no bill at all Probill makes it easy to please your storage customers. Need to charge your customers electronically? Probill will handle both one time and recurring transactions with ease.

  • Set it and Forget it
  • Print, Email or Upload Bills
  • Once a Month Process Billing
  • Charge Credit Cards/ACH
  • Review Billing
  • View and Track Receivables

Automate Storage Bills

Do you manually send out bills to your storage customers each month in order to receive payment? Probill software could help you save time by automatically charging your customers each month. You can also add late payment fees so that the customers who have missed payments are encouraged not to do so in the future.

Storage Company Billing Software
Storage Company Platform

Storage Customer Invoices

Invoices can be sent out in bulk via email using Probill software. You can create a template using the tool and send it out to all of your customers via email. You can also request that Probill distribute your invoices in paper form for an additional cost. Find out more today.

Manage Your Members

If you have a large number of customers paying you to store thier goods, it can become a nightmare managing them all manually. With Probill you can segment your customers using our filtering options as well as printing reports or exporting your data into Excel. This makes managing your customers so much easier. Sign up to our FREE TRIAL today.

Storage Company Billing

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